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Bakersfield’s Top Digital Marketing Agency

We're Passionate About Helping You Grow.

We weren’t always digital marketers. We started out as entrepreneurs, working in the trenches and figuring it all out.

We had all the same questions and challenges every new business owner has. How do I grow my company and feed my family? And we answered them successfully.

So here we are, in 2020, ready to help you start your business and grow it to the moon. We are excited to be of service. Don’t even hesitate. Give us a call and open up the conversation today!

A Dedicated Team of Marketers

Business Development

Charles Sears, President

Director of Marketing

Our President Charles Sears has a diverse background in the marketplace. He served eleven years in the U.S. Army National Guard, five years as a Deputy Sheriff, and over eight years as a local business owner. As a serial entrepreneur, he learned the ins and outs of marketing on the internet, and now his goal is to use that knowledge to help you grow.

Xavier Canez, Partner

Business Development

Xavier touts a long history of sales and local marketing experience. He served honorably as a Special Operator in the U.S. Air Force and is a veteran of the Iraq war. Xavier has helped countless local businesses improve operations, marketing and sales in a short amount of time.

Stateside Operations

Luis Duran

Operations Manager

Luis Duran is a Bakersfield local who proudly served our country in the United States Army. After his time in service, Luis started helping local companies with website development, graphic design and video marketing. Now he serves our clients as Operations Manager, overseeing our Service Desk and Website Development Projects.

Ned Boreham

Lead Generation Specialist

George “Ned” Boreham is a local expert on Search Engine Optimization, and quickly becoming an expert in all things lead generation. He started on the team in early 2021, and has since helped over a dozen businesses rank on the first page of Google.

Naomi Moss

Copywriting Coordinator

Naomi is a business owner and experienced copywriter. Naomi is has been on the team since 2021 and helped create copywriting that helps clients market their services online. 

Overseas Operations

Judy Ann Casaul

Social Media Coordinator

Judy is a rockstar social media designer and coordinator. She helps design graphics, helps with hastag research and post scheduling, and absolutely kills it!

Rakesh Kumar

Project Coordinator, Sr. Website Developer

Rakesh is an expert WordPress developer with a wide array of skillsets, including managing large web development projects. He is a vital part of our core Projects team.

Tarun Giri

Senior WordPress Developer

Tarun Giri is an expert WordPress developer with a wide array of skillsets, including CSS, HTML, JAVA, and PHP Coding. He is a vital part of our core Projects team.

Why Choose Us

You just don’t find this level of expertise without a mind-blowing budget.


We have the hands-on experience required to prove our skills work.


We take of your marketing needs and share our knowledge with you along the way.


The key to growth is action. Plan, strategize and execute.