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In this post, we will explain (in a way you can understand) what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, so you can better understand how it helps your business.

What is “Search Engine Optimization”?

Well, in order to help you understand this, you first need to understand what a “Search Engine” is. Search Engines are simply websites where people search for goods, services and answers to their questions. The most popular web search engine is Google, whereas the most popular voice search engine is Siri and Alexa. These services take your input and search the web to bring you back relevant results. Let’s say for example you type into Google, “junk removal bakersfield”; Google is going to search it’s own database of relevant information and produce results for you. Most of the time, the results come back with something like:

  • Advertisements
  • Maps Results
  • Website Results

Search Engine Optimization is the chore of teaching Google that you are relevant to those searches so they show you first. When you consider how big the internet is, suddenly you realize that this can be tall task. SEO agencies are essentially in competition to show their clients as the most relevant to Google and other search engines. But knowing what Search Engine Optimization is doesn’t quite tell you why Search Engine Optimization.

Why Should you want Search Engine Optimization?

Well, here’s the deal: depending on the population of your community, there are hundreds or even thousands of people search for your products and services each month. The people are calling somebody, it’s just probably not you. That means that every day you are losing market share to your competitors. If you’re not showing up in ads, you’re losing. If you’re not showing up in maps, you’re losing. If your website is not showing up in search, you’re losing. These three are like the trifecta for getting new clients.

In order to get as much market share as possible, you need to show up everywhere. Google Search, Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Facebook and more! When you’re suddenly showing up first for search, your business will be rewarded.

How to Get Started with a Bakersfield SEO Agency

The first step of SEO is to have a professional website. If you’re looking for a website design company near you, we can help. Then, let us know your interested in SEO, and we’ll perform a free audit of your business online. We can see how many people are searching, as well as how fierce the competition is. Once we’ve given you an audit of your business, we’ll show you our pricing plan and let you decide how quickly you want to get to the top of Google. If you’d like to better understand the opportunity that is out there for you, give us a call (661) 498-9001 or shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.



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