Social Media Management

Tired of Stressing Over Your Empty Social Media Accounts?

Starting from $650/mo.

How Important is Social Media for Your Business?

According to Sprout Social’s State of Social Media Report, 55% of Consumers Research Companies Social Media Before Buying. History shows that more people than ever are engaged on social media, and if you’re not there, you’re missing major opportunities for growth and brand awareness. Every month you’re not building your brand online your competitors are.

How Does it Work?

We need to sit with you and have a social media consultation before ever quoting a price, but below are some factors that affect the price of our social media management service.

  1. How many platforms you want us to manage
  2. How many posts you want per month
  3. How many stories and reels you want per month

Other factors include things like comment responses, invitations to follow, group posts, etc. We can cover all that in our first meeting!

Platforms We Manage


Facebook is a robust social media platform with a wide array of content types. We can post pictures, text comments, blogs, videos and more. We can also run paid advertising to a large audience and capture leads via Facebook ads platform.


Instagram is primarily focused on imagery and short videos. We can post daily updates, static posts, videos and more. Instagram works extremely well for photogenic industries like foods, crafts, coaches and more.


TikTok is beaming with activity right now. Millions of people are using the platform, consuming content every day. It is solely focused on short videos, so be ready to get in front of the camera.


LinkedIn is full of business and sales professionals. This platform is great for business to business interaction, as well as scouting for new talent, prospecting and other business-related networking styles.


Want to start a YouTube channel? We can help! From setting up graphics, to recording the videos and posting them, we can help. We can also help you run paid ads from the platform as well!

Google Business

Did you know Google has a social element to it’s business listings? You can post to your profile consistently which helps people find your content and your website!

This is What it's Like to Work With us.

I really needed a business to help my new business, Enspyre Digital was very helpful and professional, I am very pleased with the help I received. They know how to get the job done. Highly recommended!

Charlotte Stuteville

Enspyre Digital has been a great partner helping to improve the quality of my business presence in the digital marketplace. With a focus on value, Enspyre has delivered great products to propel my business reach -AW

Adam Welch

Thanks to Enspyre Digital’s branding advice and direction, my business has gone to a new level. Since changing my business’s branding, we have seen an increase in traffic as well as an increase in new clients. We will continue to trust Enspyre’s branding direction.

Scott Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social media manager and what do they do?

As your social media managers, we help with marketing strategy, content creation, performance analysis, social listening, and community management.

We work alongside you and your team to plan organic and paid campaigns, develop a content calendar, and network with other brands and influencer partners.

How much does social media marketing cost?

It's not cheap, but it is cheaper than managing it in-house. Just think, a minimum wage employee costs around $3,000/mo. in California, and they come with no marketing knowledge or skills!

Realistically, you just need to set a budget for social media marketing between $500 and $3,000/mo.

To be effective, you must know your target audience, set measurable goals, create a content strategy, test various social media content types, and more. We help you with that.

To really hone-in social media, you'll need to plan on spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month between labor and advertising.


Will I see a Return on Investment (ROI)?

There are two aspects to social media: organic content and paid advertisements.

Organic Posts

You should not expect to see leads coming through from your organic social posts. You still need to post and engage there, but that's not what draws leads. Your return on investment from organic posts is the innate branding that comes from staying active and relevant in the marketplace.

Paid Advertising

You can absolutely see lead generation happen through social media advertising. It takes awhile to hone-in the right message, right audience and right offer, but once we help you figure it out, you have a lead faucet you can turn on and turn off anytime you like.

Which social media platforms should I use?

You can be successful with a few social media channels, but you should limit yourself to three or four major ones.

We help you find your audience, advertise or promote on these sites, and create the type of content you want. If you're paying for social media management, some of your decision process should come down to budget as well.

What is the most popular social network?

In first is Meta's Facebook with 2.9 billion monthly active users. Second is YouTube with 2.5 billion monthly active users, then WhatsApp (2 billion) and Instagram (1.47 billion).



How often should I post?

The “perfect” posting schedule changes as often as the platforms change their algorithms (which is a lot). What works right now likely won’t in six months.

You don’t need to alter your schedule every week, but you should be switching things up at least once a quarter to see if posting more or less often boosts your engagement. Your audience’s behavior—how often they’re online—and preferences will determine how successful your posting schedule is. It’s different for everyone.

Remember: your schedule needs to be something you can keep up with. Want to post five Reels a week but only have time to make one? Be realistic when planning.