Facebook Advertising

Generate Leads Through the Power of Direct Response Advertising on Facebook.

Most business owners waste valuable marketing dollars “boosting” posts with no real understanding of Facebook or advertising. We provide expertise and implementation that makes your advertising more effective and more profitable.

Target the Perfect Customer.

Tired of Throwing Your Marketing Dollars Down a Black Hole?

Facebook Advertising allows you to get your offer in front of the perfect customer. It’s also a great way to start introducing your company to new prospects. Here’s the thing:

It takes more than the “Boos Post” button to effectively advertise. We create target campaigns with a compelling message to help bring you more leads.

Create Interest in Your Product or Service.


Facebook ads have the power of grabbing attention and creating interest in prospects. That is the what is unique about Facebook advertising. Using our Enspyre Growth™ methodology, we build the foundation that can make your advertising a success.

Build Your Lead Generation Engine

With Facebook Advertising Through Enspyre Digital.

What our customers Say…

We take pride in our highly-respected, quality marketing services. Our testimonials are a showcase of the great results our Search Engine Optimization services get in Bakersfield.

Charles helped design and develop our new website for SWAT MSP. I was extremely proud of the new design and the way they showcased my brand. The main reason for the redesign was to help local SEO. We’ve seen significant improvement since we started, and have already got our first business client directly from Google. Hire Enspyre for SEO ASAP. You need it if you’re in it for the long game.

Chris Ferrill
SWAT MSP | IT Services Company

I started SEO with Enspyre in early 2020. Within two months, they had me on the first page of Google for my keywords. I was surprised because I operate in a crowded market, competing against some big players. Charles also helped me setup my Google listing and start getting reviews. Since then, I have seen an uptick in traffic and interest. I definitely recommend their service to any one wanting to get to the top.

Xavier Canez
2X Broadband, LLC | Internet & Phone Service Provider